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“Choosing organic foods can help you feel better and preserve the environment”

In a changing world, it’s  difficult to avoid chemicals and toxic substances which contaminate food supplies. Many studies show consumption of contaminants to have harmful side-effects and dangerous health implication.

As Smile Organic Farm realizes eating organically grown foods is the only way to avoid the cocktail of chemical poisons present in commercially grown food. Organic foods are a smart priority, opting for organic foods is an effectual choice for personal and planetary health. We started researching about how to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits, planning and trying to make sure that our products are organically grown foods; free of harmful chemicals, bursting with more nutrition, taste, and sustainable sustenance. Organically grown foods have more nutrients; vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micro-nutrients, than commercially grown foods because the soil is managed and nourished with sustainable practices by responsibility standards.

We proudly offer products from our organic farm for guests to make their delicious, healthy Thai dishes!

Every Course includes:

    • Visiting local market
    • Guided tour of an organic farm
    • Tasting herbs from our own garden
    • All necessary ingredients for cooking class
    • Individual cooking station
    • English-speaking cooking instructor
    • Recipes book which is easy to follow step by step
    • Welcome nack, drinking water and seasonal fruit
    • May take away the food you cook
    • Pick up/Drop off within a 3 km radius of Chiang Mai old city
    • Online photo album is available on Facebook page

You can decide to make your food spicy or mild.
All dishes are available as vegetarian or vegan!

Amazing experience, a little ride from Chiang Mai. After arriving on the farm, we all couldn't wait to start cooking!

Robert, Sydney

Full Day Course

8:00-16:30 (8 categories)
Curry Paste, Curry, Stir Fried, Soup, Salad, Spring Roll, Dessert and
Thai Herbal Drink

1200 Baht/person

Half Day Course

8:00-14:30 (5 categories)
Curry Paste, Curry, Stir Fried, Soup and Spring Roll

800 Baht/person

Evening Course

15:00-21:30 (5 categories)
Curry Paste, Curry, Stir Fried, Soup and Spring Roll

800 Baht/person