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If you’re looking for a place to learn about Thai food, Smile Organic Farm Cooking School is one of your choices.

Welcome to Smile Organic Farm Cooking School Chiang Mai,
we offer guests the opportunity to learn and practice skills and knowledge necessary to prepare delicious, healthy Thai food.
We teach you how to be creative and understand the basic of
cooking Thai food as we don’t have a fixed menu for you, you cook what you wish to cook.

At Smile Organic Farm, we don’t teach you only how to cook
Thai food. Our school is set in a beautiful, serene organic farm
and garden, you will learn how to grow vegetables and taste herbs in our own garden, as well as cooking
and enjoy your food in a relaxing atmosphere.

Smile Organic Farm is located 45 minutes away from Chiang Mai
old city; near San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. We stop at a local market on the way to the school, you’ll see traditional way of life of locals
who live in the countryside of Chiang Mai. We have a personal garden that is organic, it is the real organic garden. We grow everything
by ourselves; grow with love as we wish to have good health, we use them to cook our own healthy Thai food and we also proudly provide them for your dishes.

Our garden has many different kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruits such as
basil family, root family, hot peppers, mushroom, eggplants, limes, and many more! These can be used as ingredients during the class, that means no toxins in your dishes.

Teachers are experienced, fun, and able to give students personal help.
Classes are small, so the environment is more close and friendly.
Recipes are beneficial and easy to be recreated at home and students will receive recipes book after finishing classes.

We hope Smile Organic Farm Cooking School will be a part of your memories when you visit Chiang Mai!